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Between heaven and earth, Air Yoga

Freed from gravity, Aerial Yoga is practiced between heaven and earth, installed in a hammock suspended from the ceiling. During the session, alternate movements with support on the ground and in suspension, more aerial postures from the simplest to the most acrobatic.

By mixing  yoga with pilates and circus arts, aerial yoga brings a new, more acrobatic, dynamic and fun dimension to classic yoga. Excellent support in inverted postures and bending, the hammock allows you to relax your lower back and stretch without using muscle strength and only support on the ground. It provides, in addition to relaxation, multiple and undeniable benefits​


  • Back Pain Relief 

  • Joint decompression

  • Improved flexibility

  • Unsuspected muscle strengthening

  • Improved agility, balance and body image

  • Discovery of a new dimension of movement

  • Aerial game fun

  • New sensory experiences

  • Better sleep

  • Brings calm, serenity in a cocooning position

How does a session of Aerial Yoga take place?

The one-hour sessions are accessible to all, no need to have practiced yoga before. Trained at Florie Ravinet in the Fly yoga © method (Paris), I will guide you in complete safety, the advantage of the hammock being to be able to modulate its practice according to its flexibility and its possibilities (maximum size 1.80 - weight 80kg).

Each session begins on land with a phase of concentration and awareness of the breath. Warming up leads directly to contact with the hammock. We then continue with a series of positions between heaven and earth to then arrive at inversions   and a muscle strengthening phase which allows you to raise your heart rate. At the end of the session, place for relaxation wrapped in a fabric bubble.

  • 6 hammocks available: only by reservation

  • Payment for the session at the time of booking

  • A minimum of 2 participants is required to maintain the session

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the lesson bb3b-136bad5cf58d_done at the beginning of the course, in case of delay, you will not be able to join the course and will be charged.

  • Clothing: for hygienic reasons, it is essential to wear a T-shirt with short sleeves and clean socks (ideal: non-slip)

  • no jewelry or barrettes during the session to preserve the material

  • Make sure you have no contraindications (pregnancy, hypertension, glaucoma, chronic migraines, frequent dizziness and faintness, heart problems...) to suspend you upside down. .. this can spoil the session!

  • By coming to practice, the participant agrees to respect the instructions above

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