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 Yoga Partner: The Yoga that wants… company

This summer, I invite you to be curious, to put more fun and originality into your yoga, to discover the Yoga Partner, a yoga that is practiced in pairs where the other becomes a reflection of yourself and games of weight and counterweight allow us to go where we did not even suspect we could go! 

This innovative and enriching course, placed under the sign of good humor and relaxation, will show us another way to practice yoga with a partner who can be your sister, a friend, un colleague or another student !
Come alone or in 2, if you don't have a partner, you will find one on site . 

This playful practice, placed under the sign of relaxation and pleasure, opens hearts and allows among other things:
– to establish a strong energetic connection
– to listen to oneself and to others 
– to trust each other 
– to become aware of our body, that of the other and the link between the two through breath and touch

– to develop cooperation and mutual aid

– to concentrate 

– to go further in stretching

– help introverted people se socialize

– emotional contact between people due to physical and visual contact

– to sharpen the senses and refine the sensations 

– stimulate, tone, soften and energize the body

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