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To each his own yoga 

A number of prejudices still stick to the skin of Yoga, often described as too soft, too slow or even too mystical... But one of the riches of Yoga is precisely to have been able to open up and adapt, hence the craze it arouses around the world today. The whole art is to find the Yoga that corresponds to your desires and your needs. If your approach is above all a spiritual or meditative quest, you are not in the right place. On the other hand, if your desire is simply to do yourself good, to take care of your health, to reconnect with your body, to calm your mind, to release your tensions by improving your strength and your flexibility then continue reading and discover the different practices that I offer... 

Advantages of my nomad coaching in visio  

  • Free first WhatsApp appointment 

  • At home, at work, on vacation, your coach is always there

  • skills and know-how​ of an   experienced state-certified coach 

  • Well-being, relaxation, sport and more escape

  • very attractive prices

  • Personalized and scalable session according to your objective, your profile and your abilities 

  • Live, interactive and safe session under the benevolent and watchful eye of a pro

  • Motivation gain

  • Faster results than in group lessons or alone

I suggest that you first contact me on WhatsApp at +33610881808 (+ 3h30 in Sri Lanka) to get to know each other a little and to clarify your request. We will take the time to clearly define your needs in order to establish together a program adapted to your budget and your objective. And if the current passes, we will schedule our first video session. Some material may be needed such as a mat. Then it will only be fun and pleasure, satisfaction of the effort accomplished, better to be sprinkled   with a little dream and escape!

It's time to take action, contact me on WhatsApp or send me a request directly for rdv 

Pascale, votre coach

Mes programmes cooching

Raja Kapotasana avec sangle

Yoga Trip

Inner journey towards balance and harmony
Hatha  / Vinyasa
Find your yoga style to travel from the physical body to the mental and emotional body. 

Shavasana, relaxation
Bridge pose, pilates

Evasion Pilates

Strengthen your body in depth,   evacuate stress and tension by focusing on your posture and your breath.  Toning, postpartum fitness, postural strengthening, problem back


Fit on the road

Gentle gym or Circuit training on the road, no equipment, just a mat and a stopwatch for a complete workout: muscle strengthening, cardiovascular activation and stretching

Chair pose, Utkatasana
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