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Pilates method, moving intelligently 

For its creator Joseph Pilates, his method aims to make the body "strong like a Greek column and flexible like a cat", while being well in his head. A global gymnastics that goes far beyond simple physical exercise, a real makeover for your back and your whole body! 

Pilates and me...

Trained in Mat Pilates at Fits Pro in Switzerland, I found in this method all the rigor, control and precision of gymnastics, my passion sport that I practiced and then taught to children. One and the other, does not support the approximate, the efficiency of the movement resides above all in the correct placement. Learning is tedious, it requires regularity and concentration, but the results are quickly felt. 
And what a pleasure when you see your students straighten up, gain confidence and tell you that their back pain is gone! Incredible satisfaction and always the same wonder at de  such results with one session per week . 
Strengthening your deep muscles is a sumptuous gift to give to your body, especially if you suffer from back pain.

Athlete or not, woman or man, young or older, low back pain, pregnant woman, Pilates really adapts to everyone because it is a progressive method designed to meet everyone's needs and physical conditions._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

If you already have a regular sports practice, know that Pilates can be an excellent complement, your movements will become more efficient, because they are better controlled and the risk of injury or muscle imbalance will decrease.

Rolling back, exercice de la méthode pillates.

"Fitness is the first necessary condition for happiness."
J.H. Pilates


First objective:  tonify the deep muscles and especially those of the center (also called "core" or "power house")  whose main function is to ensure the posture. . Located between the ribs and pelvis, and all around the spine (abdominals, pelvic floor and back muscles), strengthening them improves strength and stability. Thanks to a harmonious work of all the muscular chains,   training corrects postural imbalances and redraws the silhouette.

Second objective:  By dint of repetitions executed in control and synchronized with the breath, the body integrates the right placement in space according to the exercises, For this, it uses internal sensors and external which helps to refine your body image and awareness of your alignment and your limits. The movement then gains in effectiveness and efficiency

third objective:   Flexibility and joint mobility thanks to the multidirectional and gentle solicitation of all the joints.   More mobility of the vertebral axis, shoulders and hips, will bring you ease and fluidity in everyday movements. If you have pathologies requiring the practice of progressive physical activity (osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.),  Pilates can help you. But always make sure you get the all clear from your doctor first.

Collateral benefits: thoracic breathing   improves respiratory capacity, the activation of the deep abdominals stimulates intestinal transit and digestion, as for movement, it activates blood circulation. Icing on the cake, the concentration   on the movement associated with thoracic breathing have a remarkable relaxing effect which promotes and regulates sleep 

Navasana, boat pose
Badha Konasana au Sri Lanka

a method accessible to all

Pilates is for everyone and is based on 8 key principles :

  • Lateral thoracic breathing : specific to the practice

  • Concentration: focus on execution and sensations

  • Centering: all movements must start from the “center”.

  • Control: every movement is controlled in association with the breath.

  • Fluidity: sequence of exercises, like a choreography.

  • Precision: we aim for the quality of execution of the movement and not the quantity.

  • Isolation: to isolate the muscles to contract and relax the others

  • Regularity: in practice and frequency of training

If the exercises are done gently and without impact, it does not mean that we do not work hard and that we do not sweat!

The best method to start in Pilates is one to one, in other words the private lesson in order to adapt everything that needs to be adapted to your abilities and to understand and integrate the basics. Once you have  acquired   solid foundations, you will be able to safely access any group course.
Finally, choose a certified teacher and avoid crowded group lessons with no level 
Before your session, remember to inform your teacher of any health problem or physical constraint that could  interfere in your practice. Preferably be on an empty stomach. 

My advice

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